Pops' Pepper Patch Habagardil Pickles One Gallon

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Today is your lucky day! One Gallon containers of Pops' Pepper Patch Habagardil Pickles are now available for shipping to your doorstep. These one gallon containers have the equivalent to nine of our regular glass containers. Currently available in Mild, Spicy and Spicy Bourbon. Normally orders are processed same or next business day, but the gallons may take up to five business days to process your order.

  • MILD - Think of the most unique Bread & Butter style pickle chip you’ve ever experienced and you’re getting close to the flavor of our #2 best seller. Only the most advanced palate will detect a touch of Habanero, hence the Mild name.
  • SPICY - Our Best Selling Pickle!  Talk about depth of flavor, these babies start with a touch of sweetness then finish with a slight tingle in the back of your throat.  Flavors of garlic and dill before the spicy aspect finishes.
  • Spicy Bourbon- Same heat level as the Spicy, we have embellished with some good ole Kentucky Bourbon.